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You know when you offer someone a cup tea & they accept & then you follow up with “Sugars? How many? With milk? Strong? Double shot?” 🤔

Why do you do this? 👀

You do this because, although everyone likes a good cup of tea, they all prefer to drink it in different ways. 😄

The way they drink it varies because of how they were brought up, what they are accustomed to, what experienced they’ve had in their lives. You don’t hold judgement against anyone for preferring a particular way against another.

I find this is a great metaphor to use when working with entrepreneurs who receive a piece of negative feedback on their service or product.

You simply won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. ☕️☕️☕️ That is OK! 👌 The point is that you don’t focus on who may say (sometimes in a harsher way) “you’re not my cup of tea” & start focusing on those who thing you’re the greatest cup of tea they’ve ever had!!

So it’s time to shift your focus. ==========================================

Drop a comment below & tell me the BEST or most memorable piece of feedback you have ever received!! 👇


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